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...i rest my case [07 Feb 2008|12:04am]
i was slicing up an avocado
when you came up behind me
with your quiet brand new sneakers
your reflection i did not see
it was the hottest day in august
and we were heading for the sea
for a second my mind started drifting

you put your arms around me
you put your arms around me
you put your arms around

blood sprayed on the kitchen sink
whats this? i had time to think
i see the tip of my index finger
my mind is slowly creating a link
from your mouth speaks your lovely voice
the best comments ive ever heard
oh honey you've cut off your finger

i bet thats gotta hurt
you put your arms me
you put your arms me
you put your arms around

i must've passed out on the porch
id never seen so many bright stars
when i wake up im in the waiting room
of the local e.r.
my hand is wrapped in toilet paper
and my shirts all blood red
i see you standing there like an angel

and i say baby i must be dead
you put your arms around me
you put your arms around me
you put your arms around me
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[06 Feb 2008|11:23pm]
oh, i forgot the ramones and otis redding.
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[06 Feb 2008|10:31pm]
my knuckles are getting sore here. I'm surprised is has taken this long, actually. But maybe it's the air pressure and humidity rather than the cold itself. i guess spring is beginning to rear it's shiny lil head - wild irises and daffodils are popping outta the ground. i think a croatian dude asked me out today. it made me feel a little weird and unsafe.

random list: music/musicians/bands that i dig (most music is stupid)
i've rediscovered itunes and fixed my iriver and have been listening to tunes recently. in fact, it's on right now, supplemented by the france/spain game on TF1 on the tv lent me by my lovely neighbour whom I am jealous of on many levels, Rafael.

i approve of the following music:
- cake-the-most-underrated-band-on-earth (i am so serious about this statement i'm going to start a zine dedcated only to proving this fact as soon as i graduate. you can hold me to this)
- beirut-child-genius-if-my-life-were-a-movie-i'd-ask-him-to-do-the-score-and-soundtrack
- radiohead (given)
- sharon jones and the dap kings
- mid-career, emo-for-the-thinking-60s-housewife dusty springfield
- nina simone
- billie holliday
- white stripes (another given)
- early, "don't be a stingy li'l momma"-era elvis
- bjork (another another given)
- Jens best-lyricist-since-tom-waits Lekman
- tom waits (the most givenest of all)
- ladytron (if i were a band i'd probably be ladytron)
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[15 Jan 2008|08:16pm]
so here i am. and nothing has changed. two weeks have gone by and i have't done fuck-all, really. some sightseeing and loitering about like the pseudo-flaneur that part of my ego allows itself to consider myself to be. still procrastinating all the time by shopping and/or faffing about online by writing such entries into various journals, facebooking incessantly, skype etc. constantly tired (by constatly, i mean most of the time, not constantly). hanging at home eating cookies and making tea and becoming addicted to star academy, and always thinking of new excuses for why something is wrong or why i'm not working or why i can't do anything until i get some random material, like liquid wool detergent or a mechanical pencil.

a few general thoughts regarding travel:
i believe it takes approx. two weeks for the excitement about a place to wear off. it's cool here. but now it's just life with all it's regular trials and tribulations, and distractions, and at the end of the day (as dr phil as it sounds) the only thing you can never actually leave behind is yourself. and you're stuck with you in a foreign country, alone, barely speaking the language, and it magnifies everything - you begin to notice all the good things about you, and the bad parts are fucking dark and black and evil heavy and sticky and thick like tar, insoluble, the worst ever, a part of you becomes the annoying travel companion you're stuck with, and fuck you just want to push them off the stupid eiffel tower.

having said that, part of me wants to stay here, and the part that wants to go home RIGHT NOW is diminishing. This may or may not be because i'm petrified of returning to uni. there's always something new around the corner to be scared of. everyone's exponentially better-looking, partially because they're better-dressed and better-groomed, and it's winter. so my options are, spend up on the sales here and go back home where i've got better chances, or stay here where it's awesome but develop (further) all manner of image issues.

people keep wanting to visit me or for me to visit them. i'm not sure i'm interested, really. g and tom and george will be here this weekend, but i think that's enough for me really. sure it gets lonely, but i'm meant to be doing work, and it's hard enough to concentrate with only myself distracting me.

have thought of some reasonably cool stuff to do. by reasonably i mean reasonably. there's not a hell of a lot of competition in australia. i've never really bought a lot of the praise directed my way because there was never much comparison. i always took it with a pinch of salt. especially in a medium like printmaking, i mean srsly, there were like 10 people in my class at the most, 4 in honours, and i was literally the only one who did drypoint. it's not like here where it's totally cutthroat, and a mission just to get into art school. so as inspirational and cool and ubiquitous as all the really quality art and culture and history is here, it is also hella intimidating, the competition is fierce and the criticism quick. and it makes you realise that you're truly the smallest of fry.
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[22 Dec 2007|01:32pm]
- brand new pashmina ruined in the rain on the way home last night from The Wedding
- wedding was really really nice
- need to do stuff for Hailer, sorry Hailer...
- wanna buy lomo horizon
- wanna buy video camera
- wanna buy better digi (all for trip)
- have spent so much $$ on stupid things in last few months (mainly on things that clothe you)
- could sell bunch of stuff on ebay, never done it before, can't really be bothered
- wish had more energy (and $$) for christmas this year
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[17 Dec 2007|01:35am]
wow it's 1:30 on monday morning, i just got back from andrew wk show. i was the only person on the bus all the way home from the city except for one asian kid in beanie who didn't have a ticket but the driver let him on anyway who got on at pymble. in factu, at one point while i was the only one on the bus, the driver actually pulled over to pick up a table from the side of the road in a council cleanup pile. like a mosaic outdoor table, you know the ones..

it was an awesome show, and actually today was a really good day. i got home and ate one pierog and drank some ribena (four times the vitamin c of oranges - i had a few vodki) and now i'm sitting here with my t2 sleeptight tea tired as hell but feeling really good, and just prolonging that a little. and also probably still a little wasted. a little.

andrew wk is totally awesome, and i never would've believed it, but seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to go to one of his shows, you totally have to do it. i asked him if he'd be in paris between january and march, but he said probably not. which is a shame cause it would be the perfect show to go to on your own in a city where you know nobody. i wanted to buy a tshirt but they sold out, or the promoters took them away or something. he told me to buy it online. spod was selling the merch. i may have re-evaluated my position on spod.

p diddy (the supervisor, not the superstar) once told me to try to surround myself with people who make me feel good. it sounded really silly and simple but it makes a lot of sense, and every time i find someone like that i totally understand what she meant by it.

shows i'd like to see in paris innclude: ladytron, bronxxx (the extra xs double as kisses), wk, beirut, camille, i don't actually know who is playing. i spose i'll have to check rue press when i get there.

i had an idea for the sosueme blog: i think it would be cool and funny for all of us to post a review of the andrew wk show, simultaneously.

operation vocabluary expansion activate!
project stop saying "totally", "awesome", "hilarious", "like", "that shit" and other miscellaneous cussin'..
more words like "delightful", and others which do not spring to mind exactly for the reason that i don't usually say them.

omg my adidas originals show already has 53 attendees! and only one of them is me!!

oh no i don't think that code is going to work. but maybe it did.

goodnight, internet.
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[04 Dec 2007|03:15pm]
is there anything i hate more than those tiny bugs that explode out of the dumpster when you open the lid?? ughghgghhhH!!

stupid studio.. this place makes me ITCHY!
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[04 Dec 2007|02:45pm]

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[04 Dec 2007|02:06pm]
omg adrienne my awesome french teacher extraordinaire lent me a dvd of francophone tv ads

...she's so awesome...
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[27 Nov 2007|01:45pm]
saw jerry seinfeld on enough rope last night. good interview. have at times felt ambivalent towards him, but at the end of the day, he's awesome.

if i were funnier, i reckon i'd make a great comedian.

monday nights are tough because i can never decide whether to watch millionaire or top model. i used to hate top model, but now i can't get enough of it. stupid top model. stupid jade. stupid tyra-mail.

i've been doing this smash hits thing and it has made me reflect upon the year that has been. i'd like to go into surgery again, if for no other reason than that i'd be pumped with codeine for a week or two, and would finally get the chance to watch my entire series of i love lucy dvds.
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[26 Nov 2007|07:12pm]
v. upset today. things are upsetting.

one thing i learned today: people are always better off if they don't know stuff. but i guess we are sentient and thus inquiring. nonetheless, curiosity killed the cat. (but how sentient would you consider a cat? another story for another time, perhaps...)

please don't tell me anything.

(i suspect also, that something specific is little but a construction, a decoy maintained to control what i believe. i'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. paranoid? probably. see above. i guess the problem is that i've found out?)
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[25 Nov 2007|10:20pm]

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j'aime le francais.. [25 Nov 2007|10:08pm]
how awesome is my french teacher?

(answer: sooo awesome!)

in class last week we did this exercise where we all had to pick our favourite word in french and our least favourite word in french. then we made a list of everyone's favourite and unfavourite words and for homework we have to use them to invent the most beautiful sentence in french and the most ugly sentence in french, according to our class.

she took her 1.5yo baby to sculpture by the sea last weekend too. how cool is she??

ooh ooh and when she wrote the lists on the board she put them in two columns, one with a love heart and the other with a love heart crossed out.

anyhoo, here's the lists:

parapluie (umbrella)
super (um, super..)
millefeuille (like the pastry)
chevalier (knight)
la neige (the snow)
parfait (perfect)
croquembouche (that crazy profiterole pyramide cake)

oeil (eye, singular)
l'huile (the oil)
huitre (wheat)
heureux (happy)
hebdomadaire (weekly)
bouilloire (kettle)
feuilleton (soap opera)

there were more actually, but these are the ones we wrote down.
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[24 Nov 2007|05:44pm]

not really a massive gemma fan, but the household chore thing gets me every time ;)
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[24 Nov 2007|05:24pm]
i'm going to say it: it's really really hard to do work with nobody to talk it over with.

in other news, yesterday i had a bit of an episode during which i impulse-bid on a bunch of transformers on ebay, all of which i won.


that was, like, so unexpected. how did this happen?? one of them is in china and i've got to fork out more than the actual transformer for shipping. another is hell overpriced, but i thought, hey, i'll be outbid for sure. but wasn't.

i say again: wtf??

i shold've gone to the opening of shannon's show today, but by the time i voted it was already 4:30 and it only went from 4-6 and i would've only been there for approx 15. i feel kinda guilty though. still, am in no mood for artspeak. haven't been for a while. issues.

i can't believe it's only saturday. gay. weekends are stupid. :(
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egypt is, like, so back.. [24 Nov 2007|05:06pm]
..so back in fact, that it's almost out again. i hope i get an opportunity to jump on this mcqueen green thing before it's over..

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[22 Nov 2007|10:23pm]
omfg my back is so sore i think the only way i could be comfortable would be to be hanging by my feet, bat-stylz, from a beam across the ceiling.


i blame the following inanimate objects:
- my new computer bag
- my new computer
- my shitty 28yo ikea bed
- the shitty 28yo foam "mattress" on my 28yo ikea bed
- the smash hits boards i've been carrying around *grr, sparklemania!*
- my french books i carried around today

that is all for now. i think i'm also coming down with something. muy tired.

in other news, best lamb souvlaki 2007 award goes to cafe sofia erskineville. no shit.
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[22 Nov 2007|05:43pm]
where does all my time go??

it totally slips through my fingers. wtf? what is this??

smash hits due tomorrow eep! and also somedays thing, both of which i wanted to do but just didn't. i don't even know why. i spose i haven't had the time. cause i've been busy shopping and unshopping. i can't stop. anyhoo, yeah i just haven't done these things yet. no excuse. i don't know what's wrong with me, i can't help but feel it's an indication of my commitment to and enthusiasm for what i do. ha!

the ONLY thing i don't like about the new computer is that the keys are so flat and low you totally can't have any manner of fingernail in order to operate it.

tompolo showed me this cool thing at ted's last week which is like one of those portable photo printers but hell cheap and you can print onto postcards woo yes! i know nothing about technology, this shit does my head in. i totally sound fuddy old woman, but i understand completely how older people feel now. clearly i was the last person to find out about this crazy newfandangled machine.. but anyway i'm so getting one to take with me.

not that i'm not shitting myself, or that i've booked my ticket. stupid booking of tickets thing. life is totally retarded. let's not think about it.

speaking to keith a little recently. miss keith.

cofa annual next week. am bracing myself.

OHHH "elliott" *et stylz* called me from dmj to do a presentation for them in early dec. YESS! :D

off to meet tom offord for a huge fuckoff sundae. it is too cold for icecream and i didn't bring a jacket because i thought i'd go home early today.

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how hilarious is my bro? [22 Nov 2007|05:41pm]
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<3 [21 Nov 2007|05:07pm]

if it weren't for radiohead, i probably would have given up on music altogether.
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